AIPS EUROPE – National Associations

AIPS EUROPE – National Associations

AIPS Europe – National Associations
AIPS Members from Europe
Dear Colleagues,
As President of AIPS Europe I feel it is my duty to remind you and urge each and every one of you to participate in the AIPS SPORT MEDIA AWARDS.
Kindly note that the general information in connection with the AIPS SPORT MEDIA AWARDS can be seen on the official site : https://www.aipsawards.com/
Please  note however that the closing date for the submissions is on Friday 17th September 2018 and at this stage I ask you not to leave until the last days to send your submissions.
There is NO entry fee for each one to participate
The categories are in photography, writing, video, audio and journalistic weblog.
The rules as well as the entry procedure can be seein the said website https://www.aipsawards.com/  which is easy to access and to log.
Should you need further information please do not hesitate to contact me or the AIPS Secretariat.
Kindly inform also your colleagues even if each and every AIPS Card holder in Europe is being notified.
I ask each and every one of you to show your co-operation and participate in the AIPS SPORT MEDIA AWARDS
Best regards to all
Charles Camenzuli
President – AIPS Europe
Vice President – AIPS



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